Vallee Lake 2

Tackle & Tips

Remember... location, presentation, attention to detail, confidence and most importantly enjoy... tight lines!

Location, Location, Location...

The main key point, find the features in your swim - feeding spots where the fish patrol. Gravel bars, plateaus, silt pockets and weed patches, the fish love these areas. Don't just 'chuck and chance it ' - be confident where your bait is lying. Bring a marker Rod with braided line, this ensures you feel every feature on the lake bottom. Find the spots and mark-up so you can hit the spot again. Watch the water for signs of feeding fish - a great give away!

Be prepared to move if conditions dictate and fish at range - fishing to the seasonal conditions.


Keep things simple and attention to detail is my advice, make sure your hooks are sharp. Double check all your knots and line, filling your spools - Believe me when you hook one of our massive Sturgeon, you’ll be glad you filled your spool! Hook links - Kyston Silkworm, Nash trigger link, Korda hybrid - braided hook links work well in the Summer and Fluorocarbon in clear water conditions, winter and spring. Fish with slackened lines and light bobbins in open water where conditions permit and tighter to snags. Pinning your rigs and leaders down so not to spook those wary Carp.

Don't worry for those who prefer not to tie their own rigs we have a great selection of effective pre-tied rigs and terminal tackle available in our shop with expert advice on their use.

Critically balanced maise still producing big fish, odd shaped boilies, chops and particles delivered with a bait boat proving effective but change the bait pattern on the lake bed by distributing the bait in smaller quantities, and fishing you hook bait on the fringes can work. Pinks/yellows hook baits proving effective.

Don't forget the fish have seen it all before! think out of the square. Oh yes don't be conspicuous and keep the noise down.

Don't just turn up, chuck it out using old rusty hooks and old mouldy bait form the bottom of your bag, put up a orange bivvy, pile the bait in, forget to turn your buzzer on and watch DVD's and then wonder why you’re not catching? Sorry but it happens.


Big pit reels, 18lb/ 20lb line, 3lb / 3 1/2 t.c rods, bait boats (with echo a good option, can be hired on lake subject to availability)

Little and Often

Find your spots and bait accurately to them, using a bait boat for accuracy and stealth. Keep your bait to a minimum until the fish are on it - don't pile it in - you can put it in but not take it out (we recommend a total bait limit of 20kg / week /angler), small handfuls are fine, chop boilies mixed with particles prove effective. Spread your rods out maximising your swim until you find the hot spots baiting little and often.

As you know we could write chapters on this but hope this helps, remember the fish have seen it all before, your Carp fishing! playing three dimensional chess with the fish changing the rules all the time. The fish are in the lake, but you have to catch them. That's why we Love it so!

But don't forget please ASK we are only too pleased to help! After all we want you to catch and most importantly enjoy our stunning lake and the beautiful fish , and of course return again.

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